• Alan Wood, Director

A Day of Firsts!

Anna (Dana) texting her coven-mate Immortal_Ho.

A fantastic day on set! Dana and Quinton came into the house and BURNED IT THE HELL DOWN!

Dana was on set first. We shot all of her solo scenes as she prepares to murder the guy tied up in her garage.

Dana and the director discuss the upcoming scene.

Dana was a total pro for the length of the twelve hour shoot. The footage we captured of her is truly beautiful, funny, haunting, sexy, and terrifying.  So proud of the work that she did!

Makeup artists Akiko and Yuma hard at work.

Sadly we suffered our first casualty of the production. One of the re-birthday cupcakes took a nose dive and splatted its guts all over the kitchen floor.

We paused for a moment of deep reflection. I said a few words. The cast and crew on hand added anecdotes of fond memories. Then we pressed on with heavy hearts.

Quinton arrives on set. Akiko gets him camera ready.

Then Quinton (Eddie) arrived on set. In another first for the shoot, we set up our first stunt. In this scene, Eddie is rushing out to the garage to find an ax for Michael to use to hack down a door. Unfortunately, when Michael pissed himself earlier no one cleaned up the mess. Eddie slips and goes down hard!

Quinton examining the 'crash pad' for his fall.

Here is a behind the scenes iPhone video of the golden take. Quinton outdoes himself. Awesome job, sir!

So we've had a first casualty, first stunt, and finally, the first visit of our extrodinarily talented special effects makeup artist Christopher Osorio!

Dana (with some light rot going on), Akiko, and Christopher on set.

This week we needed to start the process of decay on our witch Anna. Christopher started on her forearm. We only wanted light decay. To show the process of her rotting away as it just starts to take hold. We think the results are awesome!

Anna's forearm starting to show signs of trouble.

Anna's neck and chest detail as the rot starts to take hold.

Details of the rot starting to show on her face, neck, and chest.

As you can see, the guy has serious chops. We can't wait to show you what he's going to do when Anna is in 'full on rot' mode.

Ambitious day on set next week. Six cast members, oners, night shots, choreography.

Bring it!

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