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Allison Scarlet Jaye is Kate

Allison Scarlet Jaye is a bi-coastal baby who has credits in New York City, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. 

A playwright, singer, and voice/movement instructor, Allison is a proud step-mom of three and big sister of a United States Air Force Captain. 

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1.  What was your path to becoming an actor?

I always knew I was an actor.  Being raised on both coasts and moving around a lot, I didn't start acting in any sort of official capacity until high school, but I was in choirs.  Thereafter I was in plays, competitions, and ultimately acting programs through undergrad.  After completing my undergraduate degree, I took some time to work and perform in pre-professional and union productions before going to Penn State University for my MFA and yoga teacher certification to sharpen and practice different acting techniques and earn a degree that would allow me to teach voice, movement, solo-performance, and acting technique--in short, whether acting, writing, or teaching, I'm always doing what I love.

2.  Where do you hope to be in five years?  I will be the lead in a network series in five years, win (or have won) an Emmy, and be the lead on a major feature film (or three).

3.  What are the five films that have influenced you the most? The Little Mermaid (I would frequently play "Ariel" in my room); The Princess Bride; Gone With The Wind; The Hunger Games; Wonder Woman.  Because obvious reasons ;-) 4.  Who are your biggest acting icons and influences? Kathrine Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Robin Wright, Viola Davis, Allison Janney, Diablo Cody, Morgan Freeman, Philip Seymore Hoffman, Denzel Washington, and Vivian Leigh. (She was the subject of a thesis I wrote at Penn State--I had the opportunity to go to British Library and look at the Sir Lawrence Olivier archives where a lot of notes, telegrams, letter, and pictures of her were kept. It was amazing.)  Other fabulous Brits, too, like Judy Dench and Helen Mirren too, of course.

5.  If you could make one thing illegal what would if be? Assault rifles and all related paraphernalia.  Enough is enough.

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