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Cece Trask is Janice

Cece Trask is an actor, writer, and comedian based in Los Angeles, CA.

In May 2018 she graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in pretend...I mean Theatre. Along with her BA, she also minored in Comedy through the School of Cinematic Arts.

During her time at USC she was a member of the sketch comedy troupe, The Suspenders. Through The Suspenders she wrote and performed in six live sketch comedy shows, two of which she also directed and produced.

She has studied at The Second City in both Hollywood and Chicago, Upright Citizens Brigade, and The Groundlings theaters as well.

She loved being a part of this film and is so excited to see the final product!


1.  What was your path to becoming an actor?

I started acting in high school and fell in love with it the moment I performed my first play in front of an audience! The more I've studied and worked on it, the more excited and passionate I get about this art form. I can't imagine doing anything else with my life!

2.  Where do you hope to be in five years?  

In five years I hope to be a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Creating and performing sketch comedy is my passion and I hope to be doing it full time in five years!

3.  What are the five films that have influenced you the most?

Zoolander, Nacho Libre, Get Out, The Office, Parks & Recreation (I know the last 2 are TV shows, but I'm a rule breaker).

4.  Who are your biggest acting icons and influences? 

Steve Carell is definitely my idol! I love how hilarious he can be, but he is also so moving in more dramatic roles. I also love Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey with all my heart.

5. What is something you recently realized that you can't believe you didn't realize earlier?

That when that obnoxious kid said "present" instead of "here" when they were taking attendance in middle school, he meant "present" like "here in the present moment," not "present" like "his presence is a present." Yikes. I'm really not that stupid, I swear.

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