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Dana Weddell is Anna

Dana Weddell is a fresh resident of the Best Coast... LABATOKY was her first audition after a cross-country move in pursuit of a more challenging artistic jungle gym. Score. 

The last time Dana performed in LA she was the winner of the IMTA awards for Best Monologue and Best Female Vocalist.

Dana earned her BA in Theatre Performance from Fordham University (NYC) and now works as an Artist Representative from NoHo. Previous film credits: New York 2150, Inpatient, Honey I’m Home, The Night. 

Future projects include- more auditions, development of solo performance projects, and recording original music.

  WEB: INSTAGRAM: @dana.weddell


1.  What was your path to becoming an actor?

Have you ever felt like life would be totally boring to spend forever as the same person...? I had this realization as a five-year-old playing a frog in a production of Noah’s Ark. There are too many fun animals too play. And Noah lived a loooonnnggg time. Life is too boring not to be an actor #sorrynotsorry

2.  Where do you hope to be in five years?  

Not. On. My. Phone.  Ideally, traveling to incredible locations to film badass films about badass lead females who are allowed to be gorgeous AND funny ... and I’d love to be the one in front of the camera. ;)

3.  What are the five films that have influenced you the most?

Grease, White Christmas, Princess Diaries, Oceans 11 and Red Sparrow

4.  Who are your biggest acting icons and influences? 

Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Lucille Ball, Cate Blanchet, Julianne Moore, Jim Carey and Tom Hanks

5.  What is your most unusual talent?

Irish Step Dancing and a mean Polka. 

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