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Magic Out Loud

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

For the first time we got the entire cast together at the Space Station in Hollywood for a table read!

It went great! For the filmmakers reading this blog, I cannot over-stress the importance of two things if you’re just starting out with your first micro budget feature:

                      First, make sure you have a great, high concept script.

                      Second, make ABSOLUTELY sure you have a group of fantastic actors.

After listening to the cast bring their roles to life I’m more confident than ever moving forward. The energy in the room was fantastic. The chemistry between everyone couldn’t be better.  I took a lot of notes during the read and found a couple of spots in the script that needed to be elevated. Several improvised lines are going into the script as well.  They’re going to make my job as a director easy. 

We allowed three hours for the reading and managed to finish on time. This was also the venue we chose to get our crew deal memos and releases signed. We handed out shooting schedule, call sheets, and a copy of the strip board to each of the cast.

Next up, we need to shore up the final couple of spots on our crew, finish buying all the props, and decorate the set for the first shooting day!  Stay tuned on facebook and instagram, both @LifesABitchAndThenOneKillsYou, for more pictures.  See you on set!


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