• Alan Wood, Director

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Anna's Door...

Cameras rolled on our second Saturday of shooting, and it was a great day on set!

Lindsay (Liz) tries on Anna's ceremonial mask with disastrous results.

Lindsay was all alone for a good portion of the day. We shot all of her solo scenes where she snoops around the house, trying to discover the truth about all of the odd things she finds there. Lindsay sold every moment.

"Relaxing" between takes.

The rest of cast arrived at 1 PM and went to makeup. The crew used this time to make last minute changes to the set before we brought out the cast to block, light, and shoot the first of our group scenes in a cramped hallway.

Nate (Michael) irons his wardrobe before his first shot.

We are really fortunate on this shoot. The cast and crew seem to have a great rapport. The mood was always positive. The energy remained high throughout the long twelve-hour day.

The cast during a take outside the front door.

Quinton (Eddie) and Cece (Janice) during a take in the living room.

The ensemble of party-goers did an incredible job. Nate, Allison, Lindsay, Cece, and Quinton all brought so much life and energy to their roles. I couldn't be happier with their work so far. All of the actors have added incredibly funny ad-lib lines to their dialogue. It made it very difficult for the crew to keep from breaking out in laughter during takes. They all have such great comedic instincts.

Lindsay in the middle of a take as the director looks on.

Cece ponders her next move between takes.

The biggest hit of the shoot was the skull in the pot of boiling blood stuff. Several of the actors and crew posed for selfies with the gruesome dead guy.

Allison with her buddy the skull.

Next week our focus changes to our witch. We also have our SFX makeup artist on set for the first time. Going to try and get some rest before Saturday.

Quinton, Cece, and Lindsay during a take on the front porch.

See you next week.


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