• Alan Wood, Director

Nine Shooting Days Down...

The coolest, funniest, most giving, and talanted group of people Mo and I have ever had the honor and privilege to work with.

This past Saturday was the last shooting day with the entire cast. It was a long one. Thirteen hours on set. In the end we captured seventeen pages of screenplay. It was our most ambitious, non-special effects day that we've attempted and it was a complete success.

I only had to cut a handful of planned shots. The cast was well prepared and nailed virtually every take. As you can plainly see in the videos below, there was no time for any levity on set during the stressful shooting day.

We have one more day of shooting next Saturday before we wrap principal photography. We have two pickup shots with Lindsay hacking away with the machete. One dialogue scene between Dana and Kevin's characters. And several shots of Kevin struggling with his bonds in the garage. After that, it's on to post production.

The cast surprised us with a wonderful bottle of wine and a card that brought tears to our eyes after reading all of their wonderful comments. We are so thankful for the gift of wine and the gift of their talents. I think we're going to have a very funny, creepy, gross, and above all entertaining film when all is said and done!

So let's do it one final time this Saturday, and get on to the long process of post production!

Moving ever forward!


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