• Alan Wood, Director

No Shoes. No Shirt. All Service!

Another week in the can. Or on the card is probably a better way to put it.

This was the first day of shooting where I had to make major cuts to what I was planning to get shot. Time got away from us and I found myself with an entire scene to shoot and only thirty minutes to get it done in order to finish on time.

I think twelve hours is plenty to ask of the actors. I'm committed to finishing on time and we have done so for six weeks running. I didn't plan on week seven being any different. To make things more interesting, we already have one re-shoot day planned for the first weekend in November, and I was informed that our makeup folks are not available for the second weekend. In other words, we don't have any more days for make up days. We had to get the day made.

So I decided to cut all the setups and angles and coverage I had planned and turned the scene into a oner. This actually made the scene play much more intense. So it turns out the time crisis made the movie better.

So lesson learned. Plan out your day. But have a plan B in mind. And really consider that plan B. It might just be a better choice than your plan A.

Blood, gore, and vomit week next week! Time to get messy! See you then.

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