• Alan Wood, Director

Ten Weeks Down...30 To Go!

Ten Saturday's have come and gone. Principal photography is at an end. It was an exhausting but rewarding experience. If I'm fortunate enough to make another feature film, I don't want to do it on a one day a week schedule. I think we were extremely lucky that nothing major cropped up that brought production to a halt.

So now we move on to post production. First step, naming a gazillion video and audio files. We've set a deadline of one week for that task. Then comes the rough cut. We need to keep on top of things and continually push ourselves with achievable yet ambitious goals if we are going to have the show ready for festival submissions that begin to open up for us in June of 2019.

Thirty short weeks away.

So stay tuned for weekly updates from the editing desk. This adventure is only beginning.

Moving forward...


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