• Alan Wood, Director

The Magnificent Seven...

For the first time on this shoot, all seven of the cast members were on set at the same time. And boy was it a fun party.

The entire cast working on their first scene together.

This was our most ambitious day on set to date. We were trying to shoot a total of 16 1/8 pages of screenplay in a twelve hour period.

Blocking and walking through a scene with the director.

And we made it! We managed the task and only went over time by fifteen minutes.

Adding the 'pee' to Michael's pants.

We also had an amazing cookout prepared by our hosts, the owner of the home we are shooting in, Eric and Shari Smith. Trying to figure out how to top that meal for next week is going to be impossible. We are so lucky to have such understanding and gracious hosts, letting us take over their home for the nine plus Saturdays we are going to be there.

Great to have Kevin back on set after three weeks off!

Lindsay is killing it as Liz!

Rehearsing another take.

Shooting coverage with Quinton and Cece. Riley booms in the mic.

So far things have continued to go incredibly well on set. We've had some issues with props and other small troubles but we've managed to work through all of them and find solutions for each of them. I think the key is to stay positive and attack each problem with a solution minded mindset, knowing that there's always a way to fix it and move forward.

Akiko the makeup artist continues to do amazing work.

We're half way through principal photography. Here's to an October that goes as well as September!

I love my cast! So professional. So funny. So talented.

Is that a pee stain on your pants or...

Dana owns the role of Anna. She continues to amaze each and every week.

See you all next week!

Moving forward!


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